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Andrea Zaragoza
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Fantastic service and professional. Returned calls promptly and was on the site the day that they said they would be. Fast, economical, and responsive. Would highly recommend.
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So professional and they did such an awesome job.Overall I’m very pleased with the work that was completed and would definitely use them again.
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Very polite and professional people. They know how to do their work. I would recommend them to everyone who would need servicing of their chimneys.Their rates are also reasonable.

Chimney Inspections in East Elmhurst, NY

You should get your chimney inspected at least once a year. Many fireplace owners forget chimney inspection services, leading to structural and functional issues.

National Chimney USA is a leading certified chimney service in East Elmhurst with over seven years of experience in chimney maintenance. We keep your fireplace safe and structurally sound. A chimney inspection near me is the first line of protection. 

Our skilled chimney technicians search, scan, and record the complete chimney inspection process. Minor flaws can have a significant impact on the safety and lifespan of your system.

What appears to be minor damage today may become a complex repair later. We perform same-day chimney inspection services if necessary in Queens County.

National Chimney USA is a fully certified and insured firm that provides full-service chimney inspection near me in East Elmhurst, NY. We guarantee the quality of our work and have several testimonials. Book your chimney inspection right now with us!

Benefits Of Annual Chimney Inspection

There is no better way to share happiness than by sharing warmth with family and friends in front of the fireplace. Before you start the first fire of the season, consider the following advantages of a certified chimney service:

1) Inspect Your Chimney During The Spring

Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis! Get your chimney inspection during the spring. This gives you more time to make chimney repairs before winter arrives. We’ll clean out your chimney to prevent creosote accumulation. Call us now for an annual fireplace and chimney cleaning and inspection.

2) Get Rid Of Creosote & Soot Buildup

Wood-burning and gas fireplaces emit smoke, soot, creosote, or ash. Creosote is flammable. These items accumulate over time and can prevent escaping smoke, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous compounds through your chimney. It is one of the most significant reasons to have your chimney inspected yearly.

3) Make Your Fireplace Liner Last Longer

The masonry components of your chimney will remain protected from high temperatures by chimney liners. Liners are the first line of defense for your chimney. Creosote accumulating on your chimney liner traps moisture & damages the chimney. Hiring National Chimney USA for your certified chimney service prevents this damage and ensures fireplace safety.

4) Determine Any Structural Problem

It is usual for the chimney to deteriorate over time. A chimney without a cover or liner is vulnerable to moisture damage. We search for signs of moisture damage, liner damage, and structural damage like cracks and gaps.

Annual certified chimney service enables our professionals to identify worn-down brickwork and make any repairs. Allowing these problems to fester for too long can cause damage to your roof. Prevention is better than cure for annual chimney inspection services.

5) Get Rid of Pests

Birds and animals may nest in the flue of your chimney. It is particularly true for chimneys that do not have protective capping. The nest material is combustible increasing the chances of a home fire. Hire our chimney inspection near me in Queens County to solve this issue.

Keep Your Chimney Functioning Properly With Chimney Inspection!

The best way to discover potential problems with your chimney before they become too challenging is to schedule an annual chimney maintenance. Although we offer our services year-round, the best time to schedule a certified chimney service is during the summer or fall to allow maintenance before winter.

Our CSIA-trained chimney technicians provide thorough inspection in addition to chimney maintenance and repair services in East Elmhurst, NY. National Chimney USA offers ventilation options using the proven methods pioneered by chimney and masonry experts in Queens County.

Whether you need a quick chimney sweep or a complete renovation, National Chimney USA has the expertise and tools to do the job. If you live in Queens County and want to schedule your annual chimney inspection service, call our office at 516-518-6343 today.

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